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What benefits do wefox employees enjoy?

We’re all about benefits. Our global team offers you:

  • Flexible working hours and hybrid working.
  • Innovative tools and technologies – they’re all waiting for you.
  • Great opportunities! We foster talent wherever we find it and help career changers get ahead through individual development, training and coaching programmes.
  • We’re active in eight countries, and each location has its own additional benefits. One of our TA partners will be happy to tell you more during your interview.

What work models exist at wefox?

Your work-life balance is important to us. With our cross-site work models, you’ll get the flexibility you need.

Remote First

(Germany – for external consultants and external sales staff).

You decide where to work. You only need to come to the office when your team lead or manager asks you to do so.


(Germany, Spain and France – Data, Tech, Product, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Global Ops, Insurance, People, Staff & Strategy).

You come to the office at least once a week (but no more than three days a week).

Office First

(Austria and Germany, BW24 and Call Centre).

Your workplace is in the office. Of course, you can work from home occasionally – just talk to your team lead.

What technologies does wefox use?

As an insurtech company, our team uses following technologies:

Spring Cloud, AWS, PostgreSQL, Kafka, MongoDB, Github Actions, Kubernetes, Terraform and many more.

Where can I work with wefox?

wefox operates in eight European countries:

  • wefox Germany (Berlin and others)
  • wefox Spain (Barcelona)
  • wefox Switzerland (Zurich)
  • wefox France (Paris)
  • wefox Austria (Vienna and others)
  • wefox Italy (Milan and others)
  • wefox Poland (Warsaw)
  • wefox Liechtenstein (Vaduz)

How do I apply?

Applying for a job with wefox is easy.

You can either head straight to our Careers page, or you can open LinkedIn and get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Team if you are looking for a suitable vacancy or have questions about a position.

How is the recruitment process structured?

3, 2, 1 – done? It really is as simple as that.

Nice to e-meet you!

Have you proactively applied for a job or been contacted by one of our recruiters? Feel free to fire all your questions at us during our first call. Your TA partner is looking forward to getting to know you.

Is there a spark?

In a second interview, either on site or online, you’ll meet your potential supervisor and learn more about the team and your specific tasks.

A closer look.

Time to get active: you’ll get a chance to showcase your skills by solving a sample task. In return, we’ll give you extensive feedback and you’ll find out if this is the right challenge for you.

Smells like team spirit?

Meet the team. In a cultural-fit call, you’ll get to know your potential colleagues.

Your job offer. In your hands.

You want it. We want it. It’s a done thing. We’ll offer you a contract, and all you need to do is sign.

Welcome to wefox!

Hurrah! You’ll be starting soon. Our onboarding process ensures that you’ll have a pleasant landing.

Depending on the requirements of your specific position, this may involve several rounds of talks. Your TA partner will tell you all the details in advance.

What makes wefox special as an employer?

wefox makes all the difference, because:

  • We combine cutting-edge technology and innovation with passion and enthusiasm.
  • We blend the advantages of start-up culture with the stability of an established company.
  • Ambitious newcomers meet experienced industry experts.
  • Our team is composed of people from more than 50 countries, so we live and breathe diversity.
  • We value your creativity and give you plenty of freedom to bring your own ideas to life.
  • At wefox, we have a hands-on mentality! You’ll be part of the insurtech revolution from your very first day.

What exactly is it that wefox does?

wefox is a B2B2C company that has been active since 2015.

To our end clients, we provide innovative solutions for all their insurance needs by being their insurance advisor, insurer and broker all in one.

In what departments can I work?

We have 11 teams:

  1. Marketing
  2. Legal & Compliance
  3. Finance
  4. IT
  5. Technology
  6. Product
  7. People
  8. Operations
  9. Insurance
  10. Strategy
  11. Audit

Vacancies in each department are listed here.

What are the values of wefox?

Our vibes are just right! These are our values – the fundamental elements of our wefox DNA:

  1. We are authentic.
  2. We make things possible.
  3. We communicate clearly.
  4. We are team players.
  5. We are focused.